Baldwin Anderson Brezack

Technology by Humans for Humans

Custom Software Solutions

Want your own custom software? Our experts have experience with Enterprise Websites, Mobile Applications, Custom Government Solutions, , Data Processing, & Storage Systems that scale to hundreds of millions of records and above.

Independent Verification & Validation

Thinking of hiring a company to build a custom software solution? At Baldwin Anderson Brezack we will independently verify not only that work is being carried out, but deadlines are met, you're not being overcharged, the software is maintainable, and that you avoid becoming a software horror story.

Design Services and Consulting

From building your first piece of software to scaling to millions of users, we can provide help the whole way and prevent you from making costly business decisions. At Baldwin Anderson Brezack we can help your business make the right choices using the right software saving you money not only keeping your software solution up and running but also keeping it secure and upgrading it.

Source Code Escrow

If you're thinking of using small business software solutions? We not only provide you with a guarantee that that software will never be lost but also that source code copies kept are working and valid.